Spring cycling: the best fabrics for your bike training sessions

What should you wear when cycling in spring? Find out the best fabrics to choose and what accessories and clothing you need to wear for your training sessions!


Spring is just a few days away and time has come to pick the right apparel to get back in the saddle. Paradoxically, making the right choice regarding spring cycling clothing is more difficult than dressing up for winter.

It’s one thing to wear thermal apparel which offers maximum protection from cold, another one to find the right outfit to face cold mornings as well as warm days, since temperatures may vary by several degrees.

For sure breathable fabrics which can regulate the body temperature, by absorbing moisture and making it evaporate thus making you feel fresh, protected, and comfortable throughout your training sessions is crucial.


For sure breathable fabrics which can regulate the body temperature and comfortable throughout your training sessions is crucial.

Cycling in spring: why is it so important to choose the right fabric?

In spring, you should never choose your cycling gear just based on style or fashion – even though looks also matter –, on the contrary, your choice should be based on the fabric quality.

Please find here below a list of the most important features a good-quality fabric for cycling in spring season should have:

  • Breathability: as said before, sweat should evaporate so that the skin can stay fresh and dry
  • Resistance to pilling and abrasions
  • Shape retention power: garments should stay the same over time despite being washed quite often as all sportswear is
  • A perfect fit, comfort, and compression: garments should fit the silhouette without constraining it, but should also support muscles to reduce the production of lactic acid
  • UV protection: it is fundamental for those who practise sport outdoors
  • Thermal protection: it should be suitable for the season to help the body thermoregulation

Our fabrics for sportswear are designed to meet all such requirements. We work to allow brands to create high-tech garments. Take for an example all fabrics featuring a DWR – Durable Water Repellent – treatment:  they are ideal for those customers who are after the best water repellent fabrics for cycling in spring.

Obviously, fabrics hand feel matters, too : that is why we have created the B- Fit by Jersey Lomellina which offers an excellent alternative for the creation of high-end garments:  it is an innovative double face fabric putting together the best qualities of both polyamide and polyester, ensuring enhanced breathability.

Remember to wear thermal underwear/base layers for cycling in spring

Thermal underwear/base layer is one of the main elements of every cyclist’s outfit: indeed, it is in direct contact with our skin. It is worth remembering that when we say “underwear” what we mean is thermal vests and t-shirts: boxers and briefs shall not be worn under bibs and cycling pants since seams and the friction between different fabrics may cause itches or abrasions.

Since such base layers, including both vests and breathable mesh t-shirts, are in direct contact with the skin, they are supposed to be made of hypoallergenic materials such as  Renew Prime by Jersey Lomellina, ideal for seamless, raw cut items since, thanks to its elastic memory, it never curls


Thermal underwear/base layer is one of the main elements of every cyclist’s outfit.

Accessories for spring cycling: under helmets balaclavas and overshoes

Accessories naturally complement cycling apparel also in spring: in addition to base layers, pants, bibs and jerseys, vests, raincoats may also affect your performance. They may seem irrelevant to the untrained eye, maybe just some extras, but reality is different.

Arm and leg warmers can be the right alternative to lightweight summer clothes and the warm winter apparel: wearing them when you start training you will be protected during the first part of your session when temperatures are low. And you can take them off as soon as the weather gets warmer. So if you are asking what you should wear for cycling in spring, leg warmers are definitely one of the better solutions. The same can be said of overshoes: it is time we put the heavy winter ones away, but we still need some lighter ones made of a thinner fabric.

Windproof vests are also important on windy or cold days; and raincoats may turn out to be handy in case of a sudden shower.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about mid-season jackets.

By choosing Jersey Lomellina fabrics you will be able to count on the best fabrics for cycling in spring: excellent performance and the willingness to always do our best both in sport and at work are in our DNA.


Excellent performance and the willingness to always do our best both in sport and at work are in our DNA.


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