We are inspired.

We constantly strive towards a more sustainable future by looking to our past


When he founded Jersey Lomellina in the mid-1970s, Giuseppe Colnaghi was quick to perceive a new challenge: to move beyond the traditional circular knit fabrics of the time and create a more versatile textile product.

His intuition, however, was ahead of its time, as the circular frames used in those years were not compatible with elastomers so he and his collaborators searched for a way to modify the machinery and together turn this pioneering vision into reality.

An incredible team effort that changed the circular knitting market forever and led to the creation of the first circular stretch fabrics.



The company took another step forward in the 1990s when it began to produce stretch fabrics using microfibers. These later textiles were even softer and offered better performance.

Today, Jersey Lomellina specialises in the production of sustainable stretch fabrics for underwear, beachwear, sportswear and ready-to-wear. But we aim even higher.

We’re consistently innovating, blending fashion, technology, and sustainability to build the future of textiles



We’re creating the fabrics of tomorrow, today

The experience we’ve built up over the years is what drives us forward, providing us with the know-how that keeps our creativity flowing as the driving force behind everything we do.
This approach has allowed us to look at our work from new perspectives for over 40 years.
Our fabrics are innovative in terms of design, quality and performance, as well as sustainability.



We’re weaving new standards

If something seems impossible, that just means some options haven’t been explored, yet.
This is the mentality that shapes our team’s approach to the production of
sustainable circular-knit textiles on a daily basis. Inspired by the latest technologies, they always think outside the box to take our product to the next level.



We’re forging a path toward a world of sustainable textiles

We work every day not only on new fabrics, but also on fine-tuning our production process to make it more sustainable and respectful of the planet and its residents.

We believe in a synergistic relationship between humankind and technology, and this connection is the real benefit of our R&D Centre

We believe that humankind and technology should be allies


We trust in the synergy between people and machines.

Because we experience it at our Research and Development centre, where artificial intelligence and personal sensitivity come together every day.

We’re not motivated by ambition, but by necessity, because we believe that a collaborative relationship is the only way to build a textile industry that is more sustainable, more careful, and more aware.



We are innovators.

And for over 40 years, our hunger for progress has never wavered