Shades of Light

New colour temperatures

Over the course of the day, the gentle hues of dawn take on new gradations of colour, retrieving their delicate nuances in the tone-on-tone light of dusk. The real 2025 fashion trend predicted by our Style Office will be the contrast between cold and warm colours.
A response to climate change in which temperature becomes a hot topic, even in the fashion industry.

The Cool Hour / 01


The cool hour

Cool, delicate, light colors embrace knots, folds and ruches and elegant ethnic patterns combined with three-dimensional fabrics.

This 2025 trend created by our designers is all about a new romanticism imbued with a hypnotic charm that eschews minimalism.

The Cool Hour / 02


Fabrics become increasingly light-weight and impalpable, and are ideally suited for ruching, draping and flat decorations.

Warm, cozy colors merge with the world of haute couture and sport, while the construction of beachwear garments discovers a new naturalness, free of cups or constraints.

Refreshing Break / 01



The second trend for 2025 features desaturated, cool, refreshing colors.

The world of sportswear softens, smoothing out its edges to achieve a new sophistication. Racket games are back in fashion, allowing us to rediscover the charm of high-end sports outfits.

Refreshing Break / 02


Icy blues are paired with limestone grey, followed by a range of tone-on-tone colours.

Fabrics with rich, sumptuous surfaces give life to new garments that are both elegant and minimalist. Avant-garde embroidery techniques create unprecedented and fascinating nuances.

Warm & Colorful Midday / 01



An eccentric palette of warm, intense colors with a Caribbean flavor is the protagonist of this third trend for 2025.

Playful, vibrant new hues interpret a less high-tech world, physically and emotionally more fun and relaxing.

Warm & Colorful Midday / 02


Sportswear takes on more sophisticated hues and earthy tones tapping into strong chromatic contrasts to become more dynamic and energetic.

A sophisticated British college style makes its way into tennis and golf clothes, influenced by the R&B culture. An unusual and unexpected combination of beauty and transgression.

Sunset Shadows / 01


Sunset shadows

The dusk slowly fades away: colors are tinged with darker tones.

Surfaces are inspired by the colours of the sunset, with an intriguing interplay of light and shadow, mellow contrasts and tone-on-tone combinations.

Sunset Shadows / 02


Sumptuous drapery reveals a new ethnic influence, driven by the success of the Indian film industry.

Bollywood returns to the catwalks, contaminating styles, shapes and decorations. A hybridization that leads us to imagine new beachwear garments that tend to cover the body rather than reveal it.



Our Stylebook is more than a simple moodboard – it’s a map that shows what’s new in terms of colour palettes and fabrics that will ‘dress’ next season’s trends to perfection.

A tool that is as creative as it is practical, and that helps to orientate brands and designers on their journey towards new stylistic horizons.

the 2025 Stylebook


Technical, sustainable, capable of perfectly blending style, elegance and performance.
These are our latest fabrics, born out of only the most innovative technologies and raw materials on the market.